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logic dictates i should go to bed to recover from last night

but i want to go play katherine

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Paige and Kitty wearing their glasses blog since 2k9

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Is it terrible that the first thing to pop into my head with this post was the “Business Card” scene from American Psycho? I may or may not be a terrible person >_>
It needs a subtle off-white coloring. Tasteful thickness. A watermark.
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Pointless but satisfying exercise in fan-casting:
Ellie Kemper as Squirrel Girl

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Squirrel Girl

Age of Heroes #3

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X-Couples: Colossus and Shadowcat by Dean Beattie

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On the heels of Storm’s adoption of a punk rock aesthetic, Kitty Pryde started going through a goth “phase”. 

Pencil, Micron, Digital color. By M. Bun

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Meet the Justice League of Earth-2000.

In a universe where heroes age, who takes over when the icons retire?

[Inspired by the all-woman Justice League challenge, though I took one minor liberty — because every team needs a token male.]

Power Woman: Earth-2000’s Supergirl is Power Girl…but why is she now calling herself Power Woman? And why is she wearing Captain Marvel’s uniform?

Huntress: The daughter of Batman and Catwoman, she decided to create her own identity rather than choose which of theirs to carry on.

Wonder Boy: What is the secret of your power? Completes the new Trinity.

Manhunter: Flash joked that she should call herself the “Venusian Manhunter.” She declined.

Green Lantern: The daughter of Green Lantern, she carries on her father’s legacy.

Flash: A superhero historian and the daughter of a speedster, she was the obvious choice to take over as Flash.

Spoiler: Served as one of the last Robins, until her death. SPOILER: She got better.

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The first ever photograph of the Justice League Fighting Team’s ‘Big Three’, from left to right: Heavyweight Karen “Power Girl” Starr, Light Heavyweight Diana “The Amazon” Prince and the most recent (and controversial) addition to the team, Light Heavyweight “Big” Barda Apok, formerly fighting for the Fury Battalion Fighting Team.

Photo credit: Scott Free