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Got a new addition to my Peej collection!

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My cute game is so high today

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We Play That: RetroStar - Part 1

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We3 Special: Original Sin #6-Nick Fury's in space w/Deadpool's daughter!

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She Can Fly: Broad City Review

Broad City is a promising female-led comedy with some neat role-reversals of stereotypes.

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in math today my teacher asked what makes a number perfect and I said its dazzling personality and she almost kicked me out

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We 3 Geeks: The Feminist Con

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She Can Fly: Sex Criminals: Morning After Regrets

Why Sex Criminals was simultaneously the best and most disappointing comic.

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We 3 Geeks: Original Sin # 5

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She Can Fly: Don't Call Her Thordis



My thoughts on the new, upcoming Thor title, and how it’s kind of silly that people are complaining about Thor being a woman.

Yeah, people complaining about “pandering” must have a very limited familiarity with Marvel. Wacky variations on their trademark characters is a thing with them. And as for “pandering” through “representation”—well, these are the people who publish a character called Black Panther.

And Marvel only has eight solo female leads? Let’s see: Kamala, Carol, Shulkie, who else? Anyone?

Because if it’s, “has had,” ever, then there’s also Dazzler, Jessica Drew, Jessica Jones, Mattie Franklin, um…some miniseries for various X-Women, Shanna, Greer, and Bobbi at various points (though maybe not as the book’s title character)…I guess Millie the Model and Night Nurse don’t count?

It’s current solos. The 8 current female solo titles are Ms. Marvel, Captain Marvel, Black Widow, Elektra, She-Hulk, Storm, X-Men, and now Thor, I believe. Also, Spider-woman’s getting her own series again.

Marvel’s made some big efforts on and off to have female-led titles, but a lot of them are not all that successful as ongoings (as compared to, say, Spidey or Wolverine).

That said, it looks like the landscape is changing and that’s pretty cool.